The primary activities, services, or product the organization provides includes:


Development of Village Community Bank (VICOBA)

  • Awareness raising, mobilization & establishment of VICOBA groups
  • Training principles of VICOBA, leadership, financial management & entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating constitution writing & registration of VICOBA groups & linking them with financial institutions

Sunflower Farming & Marketing

  • Training groups on sunflower cultivation, processing & packaging;
  • Provision of seeds to charcoal selling women & white gravel excavation casual laborers;
  • Provision of sunflower processing machine to the target group;
  • Training women groups in book keeping & financial management;

Community Natural Resource Management& Eco-Tourism

  • Facilitating formation of village by-laws in support of land use & natural resource management plans;
  • Supporting & advising villages to ensure fair contracts & agreements with investors for contract farming;
  • Facilitation of village Eco-tourism as a means of livelihood;
  • Building community capacity in identification, protection & usage of indigenous flora &  other natural  resources;

Dairy Goat Farming

  • Provision of dairy goats to women working as white gravel casual laborers on revolving basis;
  • Training women on dairy goat husbandry;
  • Project monitoring to ensure there are returns of offspringsfor provision to other group members;

Maasai Beads Jewelry&Handicrafts

  • Marketing women groups’ products;
  • Creating linkages with consumers;
  • Building a centre for Maasai beads for production, demonstration & sale;

Sewing & embroidery training:

  • Training girls & women in sewing & embroidery;
  • Provision of sewing & embroidery machines;
  • Capacity buildingof the producers in enterprise management;
  • Marketing support to the groups;


Biodiversity promotion & conservation

  • Establishment of tree seedlings nursery;
  • Building awareness on biodiversity conservation;
  • Provision of seedlings to primary & secondary schools;
  • Formation of environment clubs in targeted schools;

Soil conservation & land reclamation

  • Promotion of conservation agriculture;
  • Training communities on making farm contours;
  • Planting fodder grass on farm contours;
  • Raising awareness on Farming God’s Way (FGW);(conservation agriculture)
  • Training community on Farming God’s Way; (conservation agriculture)
  • Establishment of demonstration plots of conservation agriculture;
  • Sensitize the community to plant high yielding seeds;


  • Orphans & Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Screening & identification of the most venerable;
  • Provision of scholastic materials;
  • Rainwater harvesting at school roof to provide safe drinking water;


  • Awareness generation on family planning;
  • Advocacy on inclusive development planning &programmes to benefit HIV positive people;
  • Networking with other development stakeholders on development issues;